What if we could minimize the number of women who end up in these relationships to begin with?  What if we could curtail the cycle of violence in relationships all together through preventative measures?  Would you be interested in the opportunity to contribute to social change? This is not a personal problem, but a public health issue. I want to propose an opportunity to contribute to societal change. We would like to empower our youth with knowledge and awareness and the authorizing approach teens can and should have over their own lives, not to fall subjects to unhealthy dating relationships that can turn abusive. Contact us to visit your school, youth group, or organization.

It is so important that we speak to our youth about healthy relationships. Some of the curriculum that would be discussed are…

• Warning signs for dating violence

• The cycle of violence

• Explaining abuse = power and control

• Types of abuse

• Helping a friend who is being abused: Do’s and Don’ts

• Helping a friend who is abusive

• Teen dating Bill of Right

• Explaining: Healthy, unhealthy, and abusive relationships

• Common excuses justifying unhealthy relationships

• Reasons why some teens stay in violent relationships

• 10 things teens can do for self-protection

• 10 things teens can do to prevent gender violence

• Creating a teen safety plan

Through the process of regaining power and control over my life, I have encouraged myself with a refreshed and optimistic outlook on making a difference. When there is a personal connection with a passion to support a cause, the desire to create an impact on a population of people becomes intimate. The desire to want to break every woman from the bondage of living in abuse becomes personal. The idea of releasing every woman from fear becomes my innermost aspiration. It is my hope that every woman can be healed from their abusive experience in order to offer healing to another.  However, what if it could all be prevented?