I am a single working mother with three children, and I have received my master's degree in Human Behavior. I am a certified domestic violence advocate committed to offering support and encouragement to women victimized by domestic violence.

Are you or is someone you know a victim or survivor of domestic violence?

I am a survivor of domestic violence. For many years I was embarrassed about my life and my story and was isolated from family and friends. I was a victim in a situation that was shameful and I knew i would be criticized by many for putting myself in that situation. So I chose to suffer in silence. I eventually made another choice...NO MORE!!!

Are you ready to be empowered or to empower another?

Absolutely!!! I have attended hours of domestic violence trainings and currently volunteer some of my time at a shelter. Passionate about empowering women and as a result I empower myself.

Are you ready to move forward past your pain?

Absolutely!!!! No longer am I ashamed or willing to be blamed for another person's problems. I have owned my abusive experience as part of my past and I am committed to sharing information and promoting healthy relationships.